Well, Unfortunately all of the posts, jokes, articles and member accounts built over 20 years of Massillon.com, from The Tigers Lair days to now are sadly gone. The malicious software that hit our server destroyed all of it to the point where even the backup database is not loading so I will have to wipe the entire thing and rebuild it from scratch before I could even reload anything.

Because of this, the Tigers Lair Massillon.com era is officially over. As time has marched on and technology has changed the way we communicate, there is just not enough reason to rebuild the old internet forum format how it was. I have not yet decided what to use this domain for, any ideas feel free to contact me at tony@massillon.com, but I do not have any yet.

I want to thank the thousands and thousands of posters and readers who visited our site over the years, as well as the cast of characters who made this website what it was. Until then, Carry On For Massillon!